Monday 14 February 2022

Lifting Off

Hello Long Suffering (and still Faithful) Readers!

Here's page 101, relatively hot off the pencil!

Page 101

I recall you (I.Ghost) have commented that you go through these pages too fast.  Well there is lostsa writing on this page, so that might slow you down a bit.

As mentioned previously, these past few pages have been rather hard, and looking at this one, I think I know more why that is so.  There's a few different threads and groups of characters and action all coming together here and it was a challenge to juggle them and present each bit in an understandable, logical way.

I like the establishing shot at the top left, to bring us back to Fancy, and then Fancy in that little jet talking to Dave (sorry about his "Checking" comment being so hard to see (and easy fix in cleanup... not that doesn't mean I've decided to clean this thing up).  

I like those next two panels - establishing shot of the control tower and then the traffic controller.  The text / dialogue isn't entirely clear about who's coming, but I hope if you read these pages in close succession you'd know who is being referred to (it's Lawrence and his armada of course!!!)

The last panel was a tough one to figure out how to draw.  A down shot of the planes taking off (as you see here) works well, but I think it is too small.  The panel needs more vertical space and with that I would have been able to draw some of the airplanes nosing up more, to better suggest they are taking off.

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  1. Don't you dare change a thing about this page -- it's perfect.

    What makes it so perfect is that it IS. BUILDING. HUGE. TENSION. Every panel makes the tension mount. It's kind of amazing -- I haven't read Fancy for a little over a week but this page pulls me back in and raises the stakes. It puts me in the middle of a pressure cooker.

    I'm tellin' ya -- this page is perfect!

    Illustrated Ghost


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