Sunday 19 December 2021

Where The Action Is

 Hello Readers... Happy Holidays!  We're almost there - to the holidays that is!

Aaaand because we're almost there, I thought I'd give you the gift of TWO pages of Flight of Fancy.  Here they are! Don't eat them all at once.

Page 90

Page 91

A little pause at the start of page 90.  Maybe you remember Fancy came rushing over to the Trenton airport. Can't neglect the pacing - sometimes fast, then slow parts, then fast.  Makes it more interesting, and easier to read through.

And that little dialogue with Dave in which Fancy says she's been poisoned; I put that in just in case it wasn't clear before what was going on.  Whether she was or wasn't poisoned, she thinks she was and is after Lawrence to find out what's going on and why. The middle panel on 91 is great.  I really like Dave's expression and his face - looks solid and is drawn well.

When drawing this thing I always try to make the drawings clear, not cluttered or too busy.  Sometimes I skip drawing the background (page 90) because I am trying not to clutter it.

But I LOOOVE page 91, and I think it is because of the backgrounds (and maybe the shading too!).  For someone who's been trying not to draw backgrounds, it looks like when I have done so, they improve the pages hugely and I like them the best.  I like the wide shot in the middle of the page. It looks open and like a place you could explore.  It feels solid  and real.

Fancy and Dave look great in the top right panel, and I like Dave's pose on the bottom left.  Not as keen on Fancy's.  Alas...