Sunday 18 October 2020

Popping Out

 'Alo 'alo!  Here we are again but another week later!  Wow, and I'm actually posting this according to my plan - each Sunday! OK, enough of that.  Here it is...

Page 11

There's a few things I like on this page, particularly how the plane in the 1st panel is crossing the panel border. For some reason this really appeals to me - perhaps because to me, it pops the images out of the constrictions of the comic book medium, and the drawings suddenly look more 3d. Also, the panels are not so regular in shape here, to help suggest things are really messed up.

I like how the action from the first panel to the second flows downward and for the right-most jet, to the right, and  the pilot ejecting away from the falling jet repeats the falling jet's arc. 

Ah, and the rocks! Drawn nicely in the 2nd panel, both the near ones that the jet crashes into and particularly the screen right ones... for some reason it makes me think of some Star Trek (original series) backgrounds and styrofoam boulders, but that's getting us off track which might "pop" us out of this story!