Monday 5 October 2020

Going Up, Coming Down

 Hello, hello!  

I know, I'm late on posting! But here it is...

Page 9

I knew when I was doing this page that the flight paths of the planes was going to be confusing, and perhaps hard to know who's who. I still hope the shapes of the planes are recognizable and when doing the finished drawings, colour and decals on the wings/tails will also help. I look forward to hearing if you can interpret the action or are lost and if you have suggestions for how to make it clearer.

I really like how the rock and rock slide turned out - those little lines that suggest the rock formations are really nice.

The planes also look good, graphic and solid. Having said that, the first panel where the enemy get gets caught in the rock slide was really tough - I had to do it a few times (thus the smudges). I wanted a good silhouette of the plane getting crunched, but then again, I had to have the crunch happen well enough to the right so that it wouldn't look like I was drawing the same plane twice in two different moments on the same panel and that the rock face was tumbling down in the correct direction.

These bits where planes are blowing up are really going to be improved when I do the explosions and smoke with ink,paint, digitally or whatever. Right here there isn't quite enough impact. When I drew these, I suddenly realized... "I'm not sure I've ever drawn an explosion!"  BAM!