Monday 29 March 2021

Cutting Out Of The Sky, Shaving The Trees

 Hello Dear Readers!  Hello?!  Anybody out there?

Well, I hope so, because if there isn't, who's going to read these PAGES!!! yes, two!

Page 38

Page 39

Well, I figured I'd give you two pages as I am a day late in posting, but also because these go together well and complete the action.  

I like the flow of images on page 38 - the dropping jet's line of action goes nicely into the line of the cockpit, and then seems to jump through that panel to the bottom left where the plane continues to descend. The way the trees were done in those two panels somehow suggest a shaking speed - perhaps my scanner was blurring the images a bit! 

And page 39 is fun because it is kinetic with the plane clipping the tree tops. If I ever go back and do more with this comic, I might put a bit of a tilt onto that top left panel - currently it is a bit too static and stable, but a bit of a tilt would liven it up.

For the panel to the right I wanted to suggest one of those camera moves where it tilts to track the plane flying overhead.  ROAR!!!

The last panel is ok, but would look so much better and be more understandable if coloured.  I think the shaved forest would be more apparent which would look cool and kind of ruefully amusing. Let's hope this comic never gets that label applied to it.