Saturday 8 October 2016

Walking Tour With Your Mind

Sometimes the drawing just happens.  You get an idea and keep going and keep going.  This one took about an hour to draw rough and then another hour or so to ink.

Turned out quite nicely.  I really like the feeling of depth in it, and the sense of light.  I wanted (and think I achieved) a feeling that this place is carved into a rock wall and because of it's orientation, might not get full light all the time.

The one thing I wasn't too keen on was the size of the figure at the bottom.  He's good and small in the image above, but was a fair bit bigger in the original.  I wanted him small to communicate how HUGE this place is, but it also might have been interesting if he were larger than the city's inhabitants, like double or triple their size.  Could you imagine walking through a city if you were that big?

This sort of drawing is so much fun because it invites that sort of musing.  It lets you explore it in your mind.