Sunday 5 September 2021

Disconnected Reality

 Hello Faithful Readers.  Yes, I missed last week, but lucky you, my miss is your gain - two pages and some pretty good ones at that!

So here they are:

Page 67

Page 68

Mr. I.Ghost, I recall you wondering if the planes would actually fly or if it was all a simulation. 

The planes can and do fly without there being a pilot inside!  WOW, it's like MAGIC!!

I hope it is clear that Lawrence can either let the pilots see a simulation or what is actually visible out of the jet's cockpits.  It's not crucial for understanding the comic, but I think it is important because with this ability, he can make the pilots believe or disbelieve what they see, but also he can manipulate and reposition the real jets without confusing the pilots. We'll see more of that on the next page.

So, about these pages. Like I said, I think they're pretty good.OOH, and you can see I'm playing with slanted panel edges on the first page! I wanted to make them a bit more dynamic and this was an easy way.

I think the drawings turned out well, all except for Dave on the bottom left of page 67 - his neck looks too big or too craned back. 

And as requested, you can see another pilot in the simulator on Fancy's left.  With the pilots so close, they can easily talk to one another. They're sitting so close together, but their experience might be quite separate.

I like the panel on the middle of page 68, with the hand on the see-through control stick. I'm imagining with the augmented reality (AR) goggles, the pilots can see some real things - like their own hands and the view out the cockpit windscreen but then other things, like the control stick are semi-transparent.

And what's Dave talking about with these relays again?! I wonder if I'll ever get round to explaining that, or perhaps, as they said on Hammy Hampster... "that's another story!"