Sunday 10 January 2021

Fly (Almost) Rite

 'Alo All!  

Here it is, another exciting instalment of Flight of Fancy.

Page 22

Can you believe it?!  Page 22. Wow and WOW! You wanted me to try to deliver a "longer format" ongoing comic, Mr. G, and lookie here... I'm getting somewhere!

Ahem.  Moving right along...about this page.

As mentioned previously, the prevous page, this one and the next are jumping around a bit in time but also in location. So now you can tell me if you think it is working or confusing and when I get to re-doing this thing nice-like, I can... well, I can try to make it... um... am I ever going to get this done, let alone clean it up... well, just let me know if it doesn't quite make sense.

This page is pretty similar from the last, which, again, is an attempt to help the audience (such that it is) understand the bidders from a remote perspective - the boardroom's white board and info about the bidder, the next panel shows the planes at the airport - so the audience knows what that bidder's hardware looks like, third panel we meet one of the people representing that bidder.

I like that second panel, maybe because it gives a sense of scale between the people and the jets, and also because the jets look kinda cool.

And that third panel turned out really well.  I like the poses on the characters. The man looks calm, big, masculine and entirely comfortable in his skin and everywhere else. Fancy's pose is also good but I think I put Fancy's cane in the wrong hand - should be on the same side as her injured foot - at least I think that's how one uses a cane!