Monday 1 February 2016

Striking the Match

As you know, I've been off the drawing wagon for a bit and am trying to get back on, but it's bigger than that. Lack of drawing is a symptom of feeling like I don't know what I should be creating and feeling a bit "aw what's the point, this project ain't going nowhere" sort of terrible attitude. It's a stupid, useless internal conversation that should just be circumvented with "if you want to draw, to create great. Do it. if you don't, don't. Whether it becomes something or goes anywhere is beside the point"  But I'm not doing either of those binaries, I'm going back to a different way that goes as follows: "You don't feel it now, just keep trying. Draw, think, remember, imagine and the fire might re-ignite, but also, try not to think this one to a final marketable product end goal.  Have fun".

So thing brings us to this page. Football players and bears, or rather, bears posed and built somewhat like football players. Without giving too much away, this is a character concept study where high-school/college students transform into various animals and a football player transforms into a bear.

But about this drawing, there are good strong poses, nice body forms, good lines of action but I really like the shapes of the bear. His arms, his feet, and how you can still see the bulk and how that bulk restricts his movement. You can also see the power it would have in his shoulders and to me I can also see how he might tower over others. 

What's that sound. Snick. Scrick. Sounds like a match being lit or something... Hmmm.