Sunday 15 May 2022

All Barrels

 Hello Readers!

What a page we have here!  Lots aerial action.  But enough talk, right?!  

Page 117

Well, Fancy suggested she'd bring on the fight, and with her team, such as it is, she does!

This page was kind of hard in that I'm trying to suggest Fancy is flying in the middle position as four other jets barrel roll around her, guns a'blazin', but of course, this being a comic with still images, well, how do you do it?

Draw a bunch of images of the jets in various positions?  That would slow down the action.  Draw one panel with a bit of an arc on the side of the circling jets to suggest they're drifting around... well, that's what I did.  I hope it works.  

 Another challenge with this middle panel was showing the firing projectiles while making any look like they were hitting another, not covering up the jets too much and to show depth throughout. I did a bit of shading to help that.  A bit of photoshop blurring to suggest motion and depth would really help too.

That last panel was drawn smaller but I realized it needed to be bigger to add more impact.  Could probably be bigger yet and closer to the viewer.