Sunday 12 December 2021

Check, check, check!

 Hello Dear Readers.

I think you're in for a treat today, not a treat of quantity, but of quality.  Here is is!

Page 89

THIS is where I wanted the quality to be.  Good character designs, good drawings, exciting action, personality and emotion shown.  OOH, and it's dynamic too!

Panel 1 - Mom being moved out to an ambulance on a stretcher.  Tough to draw to get the perspective right and not make the stretcher look TOO huge or Mom small.  CHECK!

Panel 2 - Good drawing of Fancy running and the jeep looks quite good and solid.  CHECK!

Panel 3 - I know I said I wouldn't do crazy camera angles, but I thought this wasn't too nuts and would be pretty easy to film - Did you hear I got this thing optioned?  No, me neither.  Anyway, should this ever get sold and they want to film it, this'll be an easy shot to get.  Drawing a bit of detail on the jeep hood and the shadows helps this look not so flat.  CHECK!

Panel 4 - Fancy looks tired, still a bit sick but sure is determined.  The screen left hand on the steering wheel isn't quite so great, but I think it works.  CHECK!

Panel 5 - Reuse of previous image.  CHECK!  Good time savings!

Panel 6.  GREAT drawing of the jeep.  Also, I think I finally got Dave looking about right - Mid 60's ex military man who's had it with the buttoned up, pressed shirt look, enjoys the donut beside his coffee a bit much, so one turns into two, but he could still bench press you, your mommy and a heap of your stinky diapers.

Ah, I love when a page comes together!