Sunday 30 August 2020


 Hello hello!

And here, is Flight of Fancy, Page 4!!!

Page 4

So, two things... I've gone back into the first posting for this series and put page 2 at the top of the post, and page 1 below it, so that if you want to see them all in succession, go to the bottom of the first post, then scroll up, and voila, you can read them in order. 

And along that idea of reversals, I like how the flow of action happens between the 2nd last and last panels here... the pilot ejects from the jet, then we see the action lines as he flies and drops (through the panel border)  into the canyon wall in the final panel. It has a fun, circular feel, that even if you don't get the first time around, it is entertaining to "reread" the action there. Let me know if you think so too, or how it could be adjusted to be clearer.

I've done a few pages more, and am finding two things... A) it is hard to draw explosions - I think the inking will really help make them clear- dark on the outside, glowing flame roiling on the inside and B) I need to come up with more "sound" words... BOOM, CRUNCH, CRAK etc. gets a bit repetitive and are not very imaginative.