Thursday 28 July 2022

Down to Earth

 Hello Reader(s)!  Well.  Well, well, well.  

We're in the home stretch and for your patience with my slow posting (and my need to get this thing outta my office!!) here are three whole pages!

Page 127


Page 128

Page 129



Page 127 looks good.  I like the high shot as the jet comes in, flying over the wreckage.  The shadows helpled "sell" the idea.  In the next drawing down I wanted to show Fancy leaning forward and to her left so she's look a bit more intense.  I had to draw this panel twice. Jet landing... nice.  Maybe you noticed in the last image on the page the panels are broken apart a bit.  I did that because I needed to show as much of Fancy's arms and hands to make it clear she'd taken her AR goggles off so that meant I had to push that panel vertically.  I hope it doesn't break the reading flow.

I like page 128 a lot. The 2nd panel, where she's sitting down but looking back behind her is a pretty good drawing. I knew I wanted to draw this but it took a few tries. I know I crossed the axis between the first and second panels, but I hoped with the lighting, dialogue and sound FX, the audience (you, IG) would understand time had passed.  

AW... and who's waiting there in the chopper, but her two long lost, presumed dead pals, Marcel and Jake, looking a bit beaten up.  That was a HAAARD drawing to do.  I started by drawing as much of the interior of the helicopter, and the floor, as I could, then I did Marcel and then Jake.  When I finished I realized I had Marcel in the wrong outfit, not the tracksuit he was in a few dozen pages ago, so out came the eraser!

I like how that page ends on those two guys.  It gives the reader a bit of a breather, perhaps feel a grateful relief, as (we later see) Fancy is.

And yes, Page 129, we get Fancy's reaction.  It's subtle, not gushing, because she's not a gusher.  She's been through a lot, but she's still a rock, till, of course, Jake hugs her.  Aww!

And then the rest of that page is just getting to the last panel where we see Lawrence's body.  That was a fairly challenging drawing to do.  I found I had to start with the arm and then draw the body and head last.  I think the limp hand communicates Lawrence is dead.

Well, there we are.  But don't worry.  I think we've got one more installment and the you'll have to find something else to read!  Sigh!  Unless... I come up with something else to post!