Sunday 16 May 2021

Surprise Surprise!

Hello You, you... you reader, you! 
How goes it?! What's new, what's happening? Stalling?  Me?! Why would...Ok... New pages! Two 'o them. Why?! Just 'cause! Do I need a reason?
Page 47
 Page 48
Ok well I guess you guess who Fancy was going to meet, and, surprise... you were right! 
I really like the page though! I like how Lawrence is not seen entirely in the first panel and also that we get to see a bit of the decor in Mom's house. I REALLY like the character's expressions in those middle panels (that I realize now I didn't split with a bold line... oops!). I like how they pick up that friendly banter right away and how Mom goes past.  Mom sees, as I think we see, that there's no way anybody could distract the two of them from each other.

I posted a second page because, yes, you guessed what was going to happen on page 47, but also 49 follows so close on the heels of the previous one that I didn't want to split them up... and the surprise on this page is, I think, pretty surprising!  The middle panel is done well, and that last one, which was quite tough, had to be done a few times over but worked quite well. 
Since you LOOOVE behind the scenes stuff, I'll let you in on another secret... in the original artwork you can see the 2nd last and last panels were switched! That crazy artist/writer did the panel with Mom on the floor BEFORE doing the one of Fancy in the doorway.  He CLAIMS it was for a good reason, but he CLAIMS he can't remember why!