Sunday 23 January 2022

All Over the Place

 Hiya Readers!

Two pages here as well as some behind the scenes/dropped artwork.  Hope you like 'em!




Page 96
















Page 97

Ok, so I'm not so keen on Jake in the first panels of page 96.  He looks waaaay too cartoony, right down to that goofy grin.  The action is good, but not sure the panel lines help describe what's happening.  I was trying to draw multiple "shots" within one background.

Those last two panels are good.  I like how there's the sense he might make it to the jet but... NO!!!  Now that I look at it I wonder if I should have had the fuel truck blow up too, but that would really mess up the panels, let alone Jake and we need him for the next page!!

Page 97 worked out quite well.  Good drawings even if the woman (Fran?! - did I ever name that character?!) doesn't look rattled or concerned enough.  The drawing of the van and the guys running to it is great and the last panel looking in the windshield looks good, even if it was a bit of a bodge job.

How much of a bodge? Not much, but take a look at these pages:

I wasn't too sure about this page which is why I stopped working on it... I thought we needed a shot of Jake before he started running to hook up better with the previous page.  The drawings of Jake look a lot better.

And on this page you'll notice I drew the shot of the van twice.  I nixed the side shot Amar helping Jake into the van because I didn't think it looked nearly dynamic enough.

So?  Whacha think?  Or are you still just scanning the story and not really paying too much attention to the A-MAAAZING artwork?!