Sunday, 13 June 2021

Putting in the Time

 Hello Readers, birthday celebrants or otherwise!

Just one page today... or is it!  Let's see!

Page 54

We're only on page 54, but (finally) I feel it's coming together, at least on this page, it is! Sometimes you just gotta put in the time, I guess.

The drawings are good, different, distinct characters, good poses and the layout successfully shows Fancy boxed in by her co-wokers' comments.

Perhaps you remember, I wanted to get through this sequence. I want / need Fancy to get back to Lawrence (Mr. Russell to you, I.G.!), but how?!

The page was going to start with this really sweet drawing (above) that took a while to do, but I thought it was too boring - I didn't want to bore the audience. So I nixed this drawing and forced myself to carry on the discussion in that same location longer but with a slightly different theme.

Did I manage to make something interesting happen? Is something "Wow"-worthy going to be revealed on the next page? How will Batman get Robin out the the Penguin's Porpoise Poison Pool?!  Stay tuned till next week when all (non-Batmand related material) will be revealed... somewhat!