Friday 18 November 2016

What, me worry?!

Yesterday I saw a caricature a colleague did of himself. I've been working on learning some Photoshop techniques, so I thought, "that looks like fun, I'll do one of myself".

Ok, this is my second attempt at doing digital painting in a serious (ahem... concerted) way, and before you pop my balloon, Mr. Ghost, I think it turned out pretty gerflichin' well!

Ok, so the colour is a bit saturated (about the glowing ears... mine glow!), and the area between the lower lip and chin crease needs a bit of work.  It might be funnier if the nose were more red, and perhaps the hair needs to have more depth.  But I like it.  I think the proportions have been pushed in a funny while retaining a likeness (no, if you don't know what I look like, I'm not going to put a photo of me up for comparison!).

I did it mostly with a brush that had shape dynamics texture that made it look a bit like a pastel and then used the mixer brush a whole lot to blend the tones as you might do with an oil painting. Love that technique. 

The thing that cracks me up though, is how much this looks (to me) like it could have been in Mad Magazine. I feel like I caught the style. I haven't looked at a Mad Magazine in ages, but somehow that style is in my head. I think that's pretty cool and interesting.