Monday 4 July 2022

Damn You, Lawrence!!

Hi Hi.  

Yes.  Too long since last post.  Yes, I'm supposed to be on vacation and what am I doing not drawing this comic every day and getting it done like I said I would.  Ok, ok.  Complaint noted.  But lookit this... three pages!!!














Page 122 

Page 123















Page 124 

OK!  Well, I think the action is really good here and quite clear, but looking at it I think I could have made it a bit more obvious that Fancy flew past / through the wreckage on page 23's middle panel.  Even adding a "Whoosh" sound effect would have helped.

The drawings are pretty solid, the weakest being the last on page 123 at the bottom right. 

So, as you may know this thing is taking WAAAAAYYYY too long to draw.  Nearly two years, I think, and as you know, it's twisted and turned in ways I haven't expected, but those turns have made the story more interesting and unexpected (I think).  Yes, it probably needs a re-write and some of those twists unkinked and some others added.  But to my original point, it's taking too long and over the past few weeks I've been quite dis-interested in the story.  But the great thing is, by posting these pages, I'm a bit re-inspired, even if the dialogue and the repeated use of "Damned you, Lawrence" is a bit tired!

Glad you're with me in this journey, and yes, kids... we're almost there!