Wednesday 10 April 2019

Power of Love

First time for everthing, and in this case, first time of adding some animation to my blog.

Hope you like it. The first is an "animatic" or timed storyboard of what I planned to animate. The requirements were that there had to be some sort of silent communication between the characters and at least one of them had to show a change in mood or attitude.  Also, there had to be a run, walk or leap in there somewhere to show one's ability to add previously created animation into a shot.

And here is the final animation.

It turned out pretty much as I planned. It's a bit hammy, but... well I think it communicates. I could have spent more time finessing the timing and facial expressions, and some motion, but overall, it's pretty good. I haven't done FX in a LOOONG time, nor do I have much experience doing them, so the explosion at the end was (obviously) "borrowed" footage.