Monday 28 September 2020

Shifting Sands

 Hello Dear Readers!

Guess I'm a bit late on my posting here. Sunday got away from me - darn work!  But here it is... 

Page 8

On a previous page, when Fancy radioed the base and asked for permission to engage, I have changed the text a bit so that they say "Permission granted, but we're guests here, no weapons" (some day I'll revise the image on this blog).  That revision makes the top bit of dialogue a bit more understandable. That directive to not use weapons is why Capt. Fancy doesn't just shoot down the enemy jets right away.

The first two panels of the hand on the stick were pretty challenging and I'm still not quite happy with them. The angle feels off. Anyway, if I ever get to doing clean versions which will necessitate CG models, I'll model a cockpit so I can get this sort of thing right.

I like the movement from 3rd to 4th panels - I feel you get a sense of the jet coming in hard and fast from above. I'm not wild about the gun sounds ("Baka baka"), but... small details. I like how the pilot of Cardy 2 still seems a bit gormless.

Hope you like it!