Sunday 24 April 2022

On Course?!

Hello long suffering readers who have had to wait SOOO long for a posting and new pages.  Sorry!  This comic is going on WAAAAYYY too long and I've got to wrap it up... this summer! I'll get it done this summer.  No that's not a commitment, it's a plan, a shaky one, but one I hope to follow.

Speaking of plans... well...  I think Fancy's working on one. 
















Page 111


Page 112

Fortunately all the drawings turned out well... sorry they're a bit smudgy and hard to read in places. 

I drew page 112 a bit differently than you see it here.  I had the middle panel at the bottom.  With this new arrangement, it makes the dogfight action more continuous and dynamic, but the action is harder to interpret.  If I ever draw that middle panel again, I'll have to make it look more like the Lawrence's pursuing jets are dispersed from the trajectory dictated in the first panel.

I love those last two panels - seeing Dave run to this hanger building called "the Tail Spin", then Dave busting in the door calling for pilots.  I like the two guys in the foreground - their designs are fun and the poses are really good.  I realized the bar name "Tail Spin" wasn't great because Fancy referred to the pursuing jets as "tailgaters".  Either I change Fancy's words or rename the bar... Loop de loop?  Friendly Skies?  Barrel Roll?  Great Beyond?  Wing Nut?  Got any ideas, IG?