Sunday 27 March 2022

On Course

 Hello Readers,

Well, here we are again with another GREAT page of Flight of Fancy!






Page 108

That's a pretty tall order to say this is a GREAT page, but I think it's pretty all right!

I really like that Fancy actually flies the little jet through a barn and it is especially funny that Dave is giving her warnings just as we see the next obstacle. Really nice drawings in those first 4 panels.  They're action-packed and pretty clear.  The jet looks good throughout and the environment is also well drawn.  Maybe you noticed the tractor on the previous page?  When I got to this page, I wondered/lamented not putting it on the other side of the barn.  I didn't want to draw it again, so that's why we only see half of it.  

The bottom left panel is pretty good - it's hard to suggest Fancy is talking to someone who's not beside her, while still actively flying the jet, and also a challenge to draw her from a slightly different angle each time to make it not repetitive.  

I really like that last drawing of Dave at the laptop in Lawrence's hanger where the AR station was set up.  It's a good drawing and puts him back (visually) into the story. This development that he's networked into the other jets, well... I'm not entirely sure what all the implications are of that and what he can and can't do with that connection, but, well... let's find out together as the adventure continues in... "Flight of Fancy"!  Cue end credits!