Sunday 13 September 2020

Keep You Guessing?

 Hello my good friends - I.Ghost...

Here it is, page 6!

Page 6

The third panel (the long one in the middle of the page) was pretty tough. I drew it a few times before deciding it worked well enough. The impact of the enemy jet into the rock face doesn't have the punch or force that I wanted, but I thought I could re-work it if/when I ever clean it up.

The bottom panel is another example of some nice rock / environment drawings.  I really like how the mesa - the large, flat topped hill - turned out. You can see and understand the terrain. I think the shadows also really help.

Again, the flow of the jets through the shots looks clear and understandable to me, but if they don't to you, let me know, hey?!

One big challenge I had with this sequence is that I wanted to make it interesting and fresh, novel, but having never flown a fighter jet and not knowing anything about aerial combat tactics, I didn't really know what would be likely or even possible and I kept worrying that the action I was drawing and what might come next would be obvious to the viewer, but I think (I hope) I have been able to surprise you. 

Unfortumately, you'll have to wait for the next instalment (pages) to see if indeed it was predictable or not!

Anyway, I hope you like it.