Sunday 27 June 2021

Technically Speaking

Hello Reader(s)!

Ok, ok, you're right. I can't neglect my adoring public (I.G. that is), and if you insist on looking at my blog AAAALL the time, even on Sundays, who am I to let you down because I don't want to look at a computer?!

So, here it is!

Page 56

Perhaps you recall I've mentioned I try not to draw scenes from angles that would be impossible to shoot with a real camera, because they can make the space or action feel false which takes away the believability... at least I think it does. 

So, with that said, I did this "camera looking straight down" shot.  Yes, the room's ceiling would probably have to be 15 feet high to get this shot, but, IMHO, I think it works and is believable.  What do you think?

Anyway it's also a nice way to have them all in one panel chattering away about the plans/jets. It makes it conversational.

I especially like Amar's pose.  I feel that one works best. As I did this page I realized I didn't have many ideas for different poses, but having said that, even though Dave and Fancy are doing basically the same thing, they look a bit different.

I like this sort of drawing which, somehow, makes the characters in contact with the environment. I think it feels that way because by drawing the table, and then the chair seats close to or slightly under the table, I was able to place the characters on those seats, then in contact with the table. It is sort of like building a house layer by layer. It's a fairly technical approach, which I like doing.

And of course, I had to draw the blueprints too. That was fun and interesting.

I can see in the combined image the blueprints are a bit hard to see or separate from the table. This can be easily fixed with a bit of colour and/or tonal differences.