Sunday 26 September 2021

Back And Forth

 Hello Most Faithful Readers (Yes, I mean you, IG!!),

Yes, I missed last week and yes, it is because I was busy and yes, I know that's a terrible excuse considering this single blog is the reason why you get up every morning! 

And yes while I have just one page to show you, I have some behind the scenes missteps to show.  How exciting is that!

Page 71

Perhaps you recall on the last page, Fancy had some sort of problem with her darned foot, when sent her jet into a bad turn but she recovered. So we're picking up from there.

I like the first panel here, with Dave and Fancy considering Fancy's bum ankle and the message on the last panel is good - it shows what she's feeling and thinking deep inside.  The expression is pretty good and wistful, even if the drawing is off model.

Now that I look at it, Lawrence on the first panel is too static.  I wasn't quite sure how Lawrence felt when I drew him there, which is why his posture is pretty un-remarkable.  Ah, but there is a reason for that... a "behind the scenes" reason, and nothing so interesting as subtext or something story related, something more mundane!    

You might need to click on the image below to see it larger.

Ok, so like I keep going on about, I don't really know where I'm going with this story which means I sometimes take the story into a knot or dead end and I thought that was happening in the first two pages.  

On the first on the left page, we see Marcel Jack expressing their excitement about the simulation and then their incredulity with the real jet when they see it.  On the next page we see their refusal to fly inside the jets. 

Part of my interest in this story is seeing these particular jets in action and piloted.  If these pilots refuse to fly in them, it is conceivable that other pilots might also, which could knock that bidder out of consideration. And then if he and his jets were out of consideration, they would move to the story sidelines, and I wanted and needed to keep them more front and center.  

We'll see how this goes... there are so many directions one could take this story, and I'm trying to find the path through it. There is another BIG hurdle coming up in your viewing pleasure, so hang on tight... or get ready... or... stay tuned!