Monday 21 February 2022

Coming Around

 Hello Readers!

Well, I was trying to slow down posting pages, but these two really had to go together to keep the continuity.  Here they are, I hope you like them.

Page 102






Page 103

I really like that top panel on 102, seeing so many planes lifting off and scattering at once.  That sure would be something to see.  The next two panels were a bit of a challenge because I wanted really fast action, like BAM BAM BAM.  

As I mentioned at the start, I posted these two pages to keep continuity, and it is from the action on 102 to 103 and Jake's comment "We blew right past 'em", that needed to be kept together to help explain what happened.  

And the fast action continues, and I think it's pretty fun action too.  

The drawings throughout are good.  I still need to revise the design of Lawrence's little jets - they don't look good in a number of angles, not iconic or recognizable enough.  Also they don't look tough enough.

Maybe you noticed I've Fancy's AR goggles are transparent here.  I realized the audience needed to see her eyes, so in this page and the following ones we see her eyes.  I'll have to come up with some tech-y like stuff around the edges of the frames, like circuitry or chips or something.

And looking at page 103, I crossed the axis between the close shot of Fancy and her jet getting tagged.  Looks like I need to flip those first 4 panels all horizontally. 


  1. More great, quick-flipping pages! Very good stuff.

    Good idea to show us Fancy's eyes. Maaaaaaayyyyyybe also a good idea to give the experimental jets a bit of a design tweak. They look different and good but they don't look menacing and kinda look a little bit... cute? But that's just a maybe. You could even address the cuteness with a line of dialogue. Not a biggie.

    The real biggie this week?

    How you draw planes so well!

    You are somehow a natural at drawing planes and jets. It looks effortless. The best one on these pages (and probably the best one in this entire story so far) is the big carrier plane on the top left of panel one.

    Woo boy, it looks great. Just the perfect angle!

    Illustrated Ghost

  2. Yeah, I really liked that big jet flying off. It really helped show how many and what various planes were scrambling away.

  3. You're right -- that plane did also show the variety of planes.

    That was SOME special drawing, right there!

    Illustrated Ghost


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