Sunday 21 March 2021

Spinning the Yarn

 Hello Long Suffering Readers!

I know we're a bit late in the day to post, but, at least I got this posted on Sunday!  Whoo hoo!!  And what's more, I'm posting two pages, just 'cause... well, because these pages are so close in content, separating them might just increase your suffering!

Page 36

Page 37

As I mentioned, these aren't so great from a drawing standpoint, but I think the action worked well, and it also works from page 36 to 37. 

I like how on page 36, the jets action is spread across two panels with multiple images to show it's progress.  I have seen it where the one page has a number of small panels framing the action at several points to make it clear it is one jet doing the movement, not a bunch of them, but I don't think that is needed here.  What do you think?

For page 37, I like how the pursuing jet goes through the contrails left by the previous one, which helps place the action in space.  Is it clear which jet is doing what?  Looking at it now, I wonder if I'll need to fade out the 1st jet's trails to make it clear which jet is going where.

I like the "Acquiring weapons lock" line on the bottom of page 37, it helps pull the reader onward to the next page... if there were a next page.  Do you think there will be?!  Oh, the suffering, it continueth!

Page 37