Monday 23 November 2020

Being There

 Hello Reader(s)!

One day late here, but I hope you don't mind.  Lucky for you (Patient Ghsot), I have a page I particularly like.

Page 16

I like this page because I think I captured how it feels to be in the places shown in the first and third panels. I think the perspective worked really well in those as well as the light and shadow. I like how it feels bright and hot in the top panel, then bright but also shadowy in the last panel.

The perspective in the first panel was a bit of a challenge because I wanted to show the people in a reasonable (not too high, not too low) perspective, but then the airplane is HUGE, so it needed a low angle.  I think I got it working.

And I knew I wanted / needed to draw that last panel just as shown. It's one of those "pause" moments.  Nothing to read except the image, to put yourself in there, to imagine what the person is feeling.

And now I wonder if comics / graphic novels help people to become more empathetic, because ones that aren't too wordy, good ones, like shown here (snarf!!) force the reader to interpret, to be there with the characters, to understand another creature.  Eh wot?!  Good Masters's thesis topic?