Sunday 25 October 2020

Look Ma, No Tracing!

Hello Hello!

Here we are again, with the never seen before, page 12!!

Page 12

It's funny how some drawings work out so well and become one's favourite. Wish I knew how to make it happen more often, but that might wreck the joyful experience when a great one just happens.

I love that last panel, where the pilot's foot breaks. I love how you can see the tread on the right boot, the twist on the left ankle and the way the knee isn't twisted... OUCH! 

You know how when you do a nice drawing and then trace it, some of the magic is lost, and it's not so much fun as it was doing the original. All the decisions are made, there's no more exploration or imagination needed.

        (Side Note: Yikes! What if I finish this thing and then want to trace and clean up those lines!
        How will I be able to do that and keep them looking good and be fun to draw!  OH NO!!!)

The way I'm doing this story is a bit similar. I'm not sure I mentioned it before, but unlike any of my other attempts at longer stories, I didn't write any of the story down. Nope, no script! I know what I want to have happen and have an idea of how, but if something happens in a drawing I didn't expect, or I can't make something happen on a particular page, I don't stress over it, I just see if I can fit it in elsewhere or consider whether I even need it. As a result I am sometimes surprised by how the action or story goes, which is actually a lot of fun. It's like I'm forging ahead into fresh territory, not tracing over something I've already done.