Thursday 14 August 2014

At Sea

Sorry for the lack of new posts for so long... that's what vacation will do to you! But let's talk about this drawing already!

I spent some time on the rough, trying to get the structure and perspective of the car right, which resulted in making it a pretty generic 1970's boxy sedan.  Of course that had to change!  A curve here and there and some more interesting tail lights helped make it more interesting.  The luggage was a late addition and helps the viewer get into the drawing, the scenario, the story.

The reflections were a bit of a challenge and I'm not 100% sure I got them right.  If you notice, the water level is highest off the car's right tail light and lowest at the car's front left bumper.  A reflection only reflects what is perpendicular to the reflective surface, so that means I've probably shown too much right side tail light and now that I look at it, I forgot to put the door mirror in the reflection!  Don't tell ANYBODY!

And while you're "keeping mum" on that one, I'll tell you that the fish man started out as a regular human man in a fedora.  It was ok, but the whole drawing was just kind of boring.  I wondered how to make it more interesting.  Add fish in the water?  Add some other element?  Change the man's face somehow?  How about making him have a totem pole for a head?  And then I thought "FISH HEAD!"  I think it works and creates a unity of message or meaning there.  What that meaning or message is, well...