Sunday 27 February 2022

Going to War

 Hello Readers,

Here's another installment.  Gotta say, what with the current news, I question creating a story like this... I mean, war isn't supposed to be fun.  But, I'm in it this far, let's try to finish this up, right?

And then I'll go on to another one of my stories... and yes, it has war and conflict in it too!







Page 104

Pretty solid drawings throughout. 

The middle left panel is fun in that we can get a good idea of the comparative size of the jets - Fancy's is SOOO small!  I was juggling the placement of panels but needed to pay more attention to the dialogue.  I think it should read something like "That jet is so small it's amazing we even tagged you."

The middle right panel is quite nicely drawn.  It was kinda hard to draw to show her reaching up to touch the canopy.  I don't really like drawings with extreme foreshortening, so I didn't want to draw her hand close to the camera and the rest of her body back from it.  I think the one I drew works well... believe it or not I tried a bunch of  hand poses, but this one was most readable while keeping the bullet hole/burn visible.

Ohh, and that stern face in the last panel... looks like Fancy's has taken the gloves off.  Look out, Lawrence!  I wonder how it will end.  If you know, IG, please tell me!