Thursday 9 April 2015

Drawing Out

What happens when you don't know what to draw, see an image showing through from a previous page and use it as inspiration?  Well, maybe you draw what's inside your head or heart more than anything else.

I tried not to question or adjust or be too analytical about what I was drawing - I just went with it.  Now that I look at it, it's kind of like a remembering a dream and tracing it's tendrils back to the day before.  

I was feeling that I was weird and alone.  Am I the warrior with the tentacle arm and hand?  I was thinking about my ideas and my inspirations, what I like to do and wondering what might come of those projects.  Are my inspirations the egg thing with the odd embryo inside?  I was thinking about my death and what I'll be to anybody else or the world after that.  Is that why I drew the skull? Perhaps every fantasy drawing just needs some warrior standing with his foot on a skull!

The only thing the drawing needs is a Megadeath soundtrack! And no, I don't know what Megadeath sounds like, but a name like that, well... did you know Pink Floyd was considering using the name Megadeath?  I wonder if that's true.

Sunday 5 April 2015

The Eyebrows Have It

This is another in the orchid comic series and I feel pretty good about them. Thanks to a certain Illustrated Ghost's feedback, they look better, the style is more consistent and (I hope) the big wrinkles or problems have been ironed out.  Thanks, man!

The interesting thing about this one is that the character's eyebrows make it work, make it lively, interesting and amusing.  When roughing the cartoon in, I didn't do much with the brows, but when I looked at it again later, I promptly redrew the brows to make them more expressive.  I think it's funny that one guy looks tentative and perhaps concerned, and it is funnier still that the other looks almost hostile about the other's messy companion.