Sunday 1 May 2022

Putting the Team Together

 Hello Fans of Fancy.  

We're getting there (I hope), slowly getting to the end.  Oh boy.  And to get there, I guess you need to see some more pages... Jeez, you are demanding.  Ok, ok...

















Page 113

Page 114

Surprisingly good drawings on these pages.  I like the first one on page 113 where Dave is pushing the AR goggles at one of his "volunteers" and especially the guy's chin down, pinky finger up pose. Very expressive of his "wha?!!" silent reaction.  

It's a darn good thing I did a wider view of those flight simulator chairs and the overall setup, because I knew how it looked so it was easy to draw.  Having said that, when it came to drawing them again on page 114, I wasn't so happy.  "What?!  This again?!" I complained.  "Who wrote this thing?!"

Nice drawings of Lawrence's jets flying, very dynamic and for some reason (maybe the shape of the jets) those panels remind me of "The Rocketeer".

The last two panels on 114 didn't quite work out as dynamically as I'd hoped... I wanted to give a greater sense of the hijacked jets peeling away.  I think I should have made them bigger as if coming closer to the camera.

It's pretty hard to describe dynamic action and camera moves with moving objects (jets) with still drawings.  If you ever figure out how to do that effectively, IG, let me know, ok?!