Sunday 31 October 2021

Circling Around

 Alo, Alo!  

Here we are, on a scary Hallow'een and with two new pages! Scary action too!

Let's get right to it.

Page 80

Page 81

You will recall in the last installment, we saw the young boy and his father heading for home.  The father challenged the boy to race him home, while a few short blocks away there some vehicles were racing along.

I like these pages. I think they're really dynamic.  I think my favorite is the first panel on page 80 showing the truck with the machine gun in the back, and that same truck getting blown up on page 81.  (Mostly) good camera angles, the drawings are good, the action (mostly) understandable.

The action was hard to stage because I wanted to show the tank thing (it's supposed to be a LAV - light armored vehicle, James.  Oh, right.  Thanks.  It doesn't look much like one... do your reasearch!!! Sheesh, you're tough!!) shooting at the truck, but then firing across the courtyard and "tagging" the father.  I do think it is clear, but I wonder if bullets into the father should come more toward camera and less from left to right.  

 These images show the pages as I originally drew them. If you can't see it so well, click on it and it will enlarge in the window.

I decided on the first page, last panel, to move the camera and the father's pose so that he is running toward the camera.  I was hoping to make his death more surprising.  

And on the other page, you can see I was trying to figure out how to show the LAV gunning down the truck and then the dad.  I think the final is a little less clear, but far more impactful.

Ooh, and how do you like the circular panels? Cheesy?  Do they work?