Wednesday 23 December 2015

Follow the Squirrel

A bunch of us took a poem and did a "translation" or reworking or re-imagining of it.

This is my version. I hope you can see it/"read" it. I'll not say much about it because I think the fun of it is just trying to tease it apart, to grab a meaning out of it. I hope you can, but don't worry, I won't help you out if you can't!

What do I like about it? Lots of things but the most important thing is the line work (the scratchy black lines - the blue and purple lines are my roughs). Using a brush that looked (to my eye) like a pencil or crayon texture I was able to produce loose, easy lines. I consider that something of a breakthrough as (maybe you know) I find inking on a Cintiq rather hard. I think quality of line can make a drawing appealing or not and I've worked so hard to develop that and need to re-learn how to produce that on a Cintiq.

In the book "Through the Woods", Emily Carroll has produced interesting stories with excellent pacing and very little writing which I think helps the viewer to investigate the drawings more, to dig into them and not be distracted or pulled away from the drawings by the written words. With luck, My piece has done some of that.

The images above are nice, the flow is good and I think the pacing is good too. As the "reader" I think there is room to breathe and take it all in.