Monday 8 March 2021

Bombing Run

 Hello most faithful, unfailing reader(s)!

Well, I said it, and I was reminded I said it, so here, I'm going to do it... A bunch of pages coming at you!

These ones are posted in order.

Page 29

Page 30

Page 31

Page 32

Page 33


                                                                                 Page 34

It's kind of interesting seeing a bunch of pages together... you can really get a sense of how fast it reads, but also the flow of the story and action.  I feel the tone is consistent, which is kind of neat.

I'm not going to do a full break down of what I like etc, but just some highlights.

On page 29, the first 4 panels are fun... Fancy reminiscing about the previous night and conversation with Mr. Russell. I like how she's rolling the pencil back and forth, lost in thought. I think it works well and you can really see how she feels.

Page 30's high shot with the different groups of jets and pilots ready for the test match is a fun shot, and of course, that page has some fun (light) trash talk. 

On page 31, I think I was fairly successful showing the two teams of three jets taking off. The different positions suggest both the individual plane's action right then, but they also, as a group they show the overall motion. I like that technique - I think you put me onto that Mr. Ghost.  Tanks!

Page 33 has some tricky action in it, and I hope it reads. I hadn't really thought until I got to doing that page how hard it might be for pilots to sneak up on or hide from other jets with radar and clear skies. I think my solution is pretty good, but it assumes jets always have contrails, but I don't think that's true to life.  Oh well!  I'll have to come up with something if/when I ever ink this!

I like the first panel on page 34... how it shows one jet's side to side motion from the cockpit of another. It's a neat angle, and I think shows the action pretty well.

Anyway, there you go, Mr. Ghost!  Hope it was worth it, hope you enjoyed the 10 seconds it took you to read the comic pages!