Friday 11 July 2014

Kong's Regret

I feel like I'm reinventing the wheel each time I do a drawing using the Cintiq because I don't feel entirely comfortable with it (it's very smooth, so the stylus slips very quickly on the surface) and so each time I need to think and plan and consider how I'm going to "ink" the rough - what style, what sort of line to use, what colour palatte - you can see I'm still working on that part... at least it's not just black and white, it's... it's blue and white!  Having said that, I'm rather pleased with this installment's results.  The lines and line quality is very similar to my natural drawing on paper style which to my mind and eye is a great step forward.

One major challenge in this one was to suggest a lot more destruction (and more city) than we actually see.  I realized early on that I only really needed to clearly draw the area under Kong's right elbow and the foreground and the rest could be suggested. 

I like how really regretful he looks (poor monkey) and the metaphor for destruction (messed up relationships, insensitive comments, thoughtless actions) is an interesting one, and of course, very subtle!

Monday 7 July 2014

Scribble to Inspiration


At least I think we was done with it.  He walked away.  That counts as "S'all yours.  Do your worst" doesn't it?!

Anyway, after he left, and as I kept working on the green scribble, adding leaves and shading with green and blue crayons at some point I saw a monster in there and couldn't resist adding the mouth - Your Honour, I did hesitate as I didn't want to do something too scary lest it would upset aforementioned child.  Putting the eyes below the mouth was an interesting decision, but the execution wasn't quite right - they look a bit disconnected and bulbous.  I like the Tyrannosaurus Rex stick-like arms and the many legs that look like trunks from shrubs or small trees.  I think the monster would move like a caterpillar on these many legs.  It's also interesting how messy the whole thing is.  I think the messy, imperfect quality  adds more than if it were cleaner or more polished.

Such a drawing often inspires me to ask questions like who is this guy?  What's his story or does he fit into another story?  I sense another project coming on!