Sunday 6 February 2022

A Bit At A Time

 Hello Readers,

Just one page today, cause I don't want you catching up on me too fast, but also, let's savour this a bit, smell the roses, take our time!















Page 100 

Here's that van again.  I decided since I put so much work and effort into showing the side of it a few pages ago but didn't use that view, that I'd use that view here.

I really like that middle panel.  Jake's design looks like it has solidified, and just in time, the story's almost done!  And Marcel looks great there too.  Yep, we've got 'em figured out, and what it is it...only page 100.

PAGE 100!!!!

WOW!  How'd we get here?!  a little bit at a time I guess.  I didn't think this story was such a big idea and it isn't but it has obviously taken a while to tell, and I'm still telling it as you can see by the (oh so subtle) suggestion in the last panel that there might be trouble for Fancy in the near future! 

STAY TUNED, dear... Ah, you've come along this far, it's probably safe to assume you're in to the bitter end!

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  1. Nice page but I just gotta start with a minor criticism. Every van and every person is drawn really well but the tone might just be a bit off. Our heroes are facing a life and death situation. There's a traitor, jets are blowing up and the bad guy is leading an attack -- maybe our guys shouldn't be smiling so much?

    It's just a minor tweak but you've built so much drama, it's a shame to ease up on it with a smile or two.

    But that's nothing really, the BIG deal is that this story is going into overdrive!

    You're hinting that the good guys miiiiiight fire on our Fancy?!!! I CAN. NOT. WAIT!

    Illustrated Ghost


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