Sunday 24 January 2021


 Hello Hello! 

Another week, another instalment. The page count is adding up!

Page 24

In the first panel, I like Dave pops the beautiful warm, spring-time romantic balloon that was established in the previous page with his abrupt interjection.  I also like how the characters are placed - it makes me feel like I am somehow there too.

Remember that regular pattern of how I introduced each bidder and their jets etc... yes we haven't seen the "hardware" used by Red Training Systems (yet!!), but perhaps you noticed another pattern happening on previous pages - each representative wondered out loud if Fancy was physically capable of flying with her foot/ankle injury.

Mr. Russell (the gentleman) doesn't go there, instead he gives her a gentle way out of having to explain anything. Nothing he says or does suggests he thinks she is anything but entirely capable.

Because I wanted and needed to show Fancy's ankle giving way, I had to do so by showing her starting to walk. I think the 2nd and 3rd panels show that pretty well. I thought we needed to see the whole action to make it make clear.

And yes, the final panel is nice too even if the drawing isn't great - it shows the romantic moment and mood re-established. Let's hope I can keep it up!