Tuesday 5 February 2019

Never Say Kant

Oh boy has it been a while since I've created a new post. Hope you've not been waiting. Is anybody out there? Hello? Where'd you go?! 

... AAAaaanyway, this one was inspired by a poetry seed/prompt Chris showed me. The prompt was a quote by Galileo "I believe that good philosphers, like eagles, fly alone, not like starlings who fly in flocks." It made me think of a (torture) room in hell where all the great philosophers are locked. Their job/penance? Well, to write trite greetings cards messages, of course!

The drawings turned out pretty well. I did a few roughs, but then got tired of trying to make it better and got bored and just hurried to get it done. As usual, I like the rough pencil-like line. I like the character designs. That devil sure is creepy what with the black corneas and white irises not to mention the teeth. I thought of putting a forked tongue in his mouth, but I... I didn't.

All the way along I thought I'd make the philosopher Emanual Kant. I did a nice design for him and everything. It looked great until Chris pointed out that the "I think therefore I am" was Rene Descartes. DANG!!! Just the sort of mistake I'd make when in a hurry to finish something!

As you say, Mr. Ghost, Photoshop is the sanity saver. Another layer, a new hairstyle and voila! Kant became Descartes!