Thursday 25 September 2014

Bad inking and B Sides

Firstly, sorry for the poor quality of the scan, but I left it as is because I wanted you to see as much detail as possible.

I did the drawing on the left first.  Very light blue pencil, and then I wrecked it with the black ink.  See?!  That's why I HATE inking stuff!  Except on a Cintiq which I am really starting to like after installing a new driver.  Them Wacom people are great, what with their products and customer service that actually responds and follows up, they're GRRRREAT!!! But back to the drawing...

I did these both in my sketchbook and when I could see the inking was going south, I decided to redraw the image on the back of the same sheet.  So I inked only what I needed, then turned over the page and blue penciled the inked lines then cleaned it up with my favorite purple pencil.

I think it worked out pretty well.  I have one problem and my Christine has a different one, so her's first:  She doesn't like how the guy leaning against the tree has his feet placed.  She says it looks like he's tied to the tree with his feet hanging.  Good point, I can see that.

I have a problem with the scale of the people.  It looks to me that if they all stood side by side, the tree people would be much bigger.  I think if I'd tapered the tree more in the middle, and/or added more ground detail to suggest more relief in the landscape, and/or drawn the ground people slightly bigger, everyone would have looked more in the same scale.