Monday 30 November 2020

Truth on Truth

 Ok, ok, I'm sorry!  Yes, one day late! I know, I know, I kinda promised. But enough already... here it is!

Page 17

This was a challenging page - maybe you can tell what with the smudginess of it due to erasing and redrawing. I think one major reason why it was tough was because while I've seen lots of American movies that show military funerals and grave yards, I don't really know what a Canadian (RCAF) funeral would look like. I fretted for a while, then thought, oh, just go for it and draw what you know there would be - flags at half mast, family members in folding chairs, graveyard. Check, check, check.

I like the spareness of the 1st and 3rd panels. Again, adding a bit of space and ambience where the reader can interpret and feel it out. I like the moodiness of the 3rd panel.

And I really like dialogue said by the Commander (Captain?  I dunno, I'll figure that out later).  She'd like to say the truth to the families, but no way would she be allowed to, but she does to her superior in the bottom panel, but more than that, she reveals more truth. I know I'm going to have to massage a lot of text when (I meant IF... Don't hold me to it, IG!!!) I go back and clean this up for publication by Drawn and Quarterly or, ooh, maybe some chic french comic book magazine! I bet they pay arachides but the fame, the adoration, the reputation the contributors receive is far... far ... oh no, head swelling... getting off track!.