Wednesday 20 July 2022

Cutting Off

Hello Reader(s), including you, Mr. Ghost!

Hope you are well and enjoying the warm weather. Hope it's not too hot where you are.  But enough of that, right?!  You want the next installment of Fancy.  Well here it is!







Page 125

Page 126

Not much to say about these pages, all solid drawings, clear action.

And about the action, there's a lot of it on these pages.  I'm pretty pleased with them.  I did plan on having a bit in here where Fancy stomps on one of the pedals and her injury acts up and she nearly crashes, but I couldn't see how or where to put that in so... I cut that part.  That bit might happen in the re-write (WHAT?!  RE-WRITE?!  Does that mean you're going back in and are going to clean it up and fix these things?!  Well, no, I'm just saying that's what should be done in a re-write).

You'll notice the top of Fancy's head is cut off in page 125 in the first panel.  I drew her whole head and did think about adjusting the cropping so she was totally in the frame but it's more dynamic this way.  

For page 126, I was going to flip the horizontal position of those two middle panels so we see her thumb poised above the trigger first and then her angry / determined expression next, but when I tried that I saw the cropping of both of those would need to be adjusted but I also thought it worked better as drawn here.

I like how it looks like she's going to fire a volley at the falling jet, but then BAM (or rather GGRRRSSH) it crashes into the dirt.  OOOOF, and Fancy pulls up just in time. Ooh, this would be a good place for her foot to pain her and she could almost crash and then... hey, maybe I would work that in to the next pages!  HMMMM!!!