Tuesday 3 February 2015

Flip Horizontal

Ok, this one I'm pleased with!

The rough went well - the character looked good and the words were alright. I figured the joke would work.  I was having a bit of difficulty deciding how or where I was going to put the plants (these "Growing Concern" comics are for an Orchid newsletter, so the plants usually show up in there somehow).

I had an idea that we needed to see the whole doorway, and then I realized that I could have shadows of the plants cast on a nearby wall, thereby showing them and their size without really showing them. Brilliant!

Before I inked, I had another realization. Since we, here in the west, generally read text (and comics) left to right, it would be better if I flipped the whole thing horizontally, so you'd see the woman looking at the ticks on the door frame, then read her words and then see the shadows as opposed to seeing the shadows first as I had in mind when doing the roughs.

I really like how the lines on the woman are.  Very flowing, nice thick and thin, the shapes in and of her body, arms and head are amusing and her left hand is good.  I like her funny little feet.

A Plus, Woodhead!