Tuesday 19 January 2021

Shaking Things Up

 Hello Dear Reader(s)

Yes, I know, I'm a day late!  Gasp!  Well, maybe two, but fret not.  Here is the next installment!

Page 23

Here we meet the final bidder for the training contract, a company called "Red Pilot Training Systems", the alleged "X factor". I started this page the same as the previous two,  in the board room getting some background info, but then it breaks the pattern. Instead of seeing the jets right off, or some obvious salesman, we meet the rep who doesn't "play" like the rest of them.

So, I guess I like the flow of the story across these three pages, setting up expectations and then breaking them. I hope this catches the reader a bit off guard just as Fancy is.  Her posture in the 2nd panel and facial expression & dialogue in the 3rd suggest that.

I like Mr. Russell's design, and speaking of design, I did a slight alteration on Fancy on this page. I simplified her eye designs, to something like those on the kids in the original Archie comics. I saw that design and thought, hmmm... I wonder if this will work.  I'm just going with it.  Not sure it will blend in with the other characters, or if I'll have to conform them all to a similar design. For now, I like it. Feedback is welcome!