Sunday 30 January 2022

Putting It Together

Hello Readers!

Trucking a-long here, not fast, but making progress... I think!  It's risky giving you two pages because you're creeping up on what I've done (or not done) most recently!  Gasp! Gotta keep drawing, gotta keep drawing - Isn't that what Dory said?
















Page 98
















Page 99 

Ok, so some well drawn pages here.  No complaints.  Good looking characters, good looking backgrounds / environments.  The text is a bit hard to see, but... small potatoes.

Maybe you noticed the pages are cut strangely and perhaps the order of the panels (page 99) is a bit odd... well, ok.  You got me!

I don't know why but these last few pages have been a real challenge.. It's like I lost direction.  Not sure what to do next, what to tell, what needs to be told and in what order.  So the content you see above was spread across three pages and needed to be put together. Now that I look at it, it looks cohesive, but if you jumped into the story right here you might wonder what's so important about the darned airport?!  

Ah, and I know you LOOOOVE to get extra material so...

As you can see I drew all of Marcel sitting on the sofa.  This was a pretty tough drawing.  Initially he was in a more modern chair, not this sofa, but the chair looked too simple, too insubstantial, so I made it a sofa.

Why is this at all important?  

Well, I had a teacher that said when animating, don't just draw what will be seen on screen, if you can, draw the feet even if they are out of the frame, draw the whole pose because it'll make the part the audience sees look better.

I took that advice and look and... it worked!  The drawing looks great, even if I had to crop it.