Monday 8 February 2021

Reading Pictures

 Good day, Good Readers - at least I assume you read well, I don't really know, but, well, I think you got this far by reading well, unless you were just looking at the pictures and skipping all them words 'n such.  You wouldn't do that, would you?!

Well, let's see how you like this wordy page!

Page 26

This page, like many, reads very quickly, at least the words do. There are a surprising number of people who don't "read" the images in comics very well, or even if they do, they don't trust themselves that they understand. Kind of interesting.


I like that first panel - you've seen one like this earlier where dialogue is going on, but it is indistinct, like background conversation at a party. That's why I wrote the text as I did. You might catch a word here or there, but that's not the point, rather it fills out the picture.

There really isn't much to the rest of the images. I like Dave's aggressive tone and posture - he is Mr. One Note pushing up against the bendable, unflappable Mr. Russell. I like Fancy's wordless reactions - she seems a bit surprised by Dave and then inspired and determined, heartened by Mr. Russell's answers