Sunday 14 November 2021

Being Subtle

Hello I.Ghost!  How's it going?  May as well address this directly to you since I bet you're the only one reading it.  Lucky you!  Feel special?

Here's this week's exciting installment.







Page 84

Page 85

These pages turned out pretty well.  I like how we can see time has passed by the darkness around Mom's house, and then the transition to inside the kitchen with Lawrence cooking and lying through is teeth about his "happy childhood".  

Every time I start a new page I'm a bit stumped as to what to do, but the transition from hearing the phone at the end of page 84 and then seeing it on 85 made that easy.  What wasn't easy was manufacturing a way to get Lawrence outta there, and not obviously.  Another smooch in the 3rd panel (tough to draw).  Lawrence looks like he's turning away a bit, which helps sell the idea that something might be going on that Fancy may be oblivious to.  I like how Fancy is leaning on the panel edge watching him go.  

Sometimes I think the panels look too empty what with little indication of the background, however I know if I add more it will look too busy and might be confusing.  It's one of those things that (if I ever get round to doing clean lines and painting it) can be managed with a swipe of colour or tone to subtly suggest a background.

I just scrolled down the page a bit and saw last week's posts, and the ones before it.  It is kind of impressive how much I've done on this.  I've been at it for more than a year, and there's actually something to show for it.  Yay team!!

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  1. It's VERY impressive how much you've done. There's a ton of art and story there and it's all really top notch!

    It's funny, your storytelling is so good that I'm not even noticing the risky things that you're trying out. I honestly didn't see Fancy leaning on the panel frame! She just looks naturally posed and I was paying attention to the emotion of the moment.

    Yer good, yer really good!

    But - Lawrence is a terrorist?!!! Say it ain't so!

    Illustrated Ghost


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