Sunday 10 October 2021

Taking to the Skies

 Hello Readers!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Hope you're having a great weekend and filling up on potatoes, yams, cranberry etc and leaving the turkey to gobble up some bugs outside!

Speaking of flying nonsense, here's another couple pages!

Page 74

Page 75

Well, unlike some other posts when I show you some mistakes or missteps, I'm not doing that here. I did a complete Page 74 but it was SUPER cheesy, I just couldn't post it here, it was embarrassing. Let's stop taking about that, and talk about these ones here.

Pretty clean, pretty too the point.  Character designs look good, the action looks good and is understandable.

Two little issues: Lawrence in the top of Page 75 should look a bit "ghosty" because this shot is from Fancy's POV, and since she's wearing the AR goggles, she's looking at a projection or image of him.  Maybe that whole business about what are the pilots really seeing is coming clear?  Maybe not.  Anyway, this was a fairly challenging drawing to do - to make it look like you are where Fancy is and show Lawrence there, but of course the cockpit is so small, there's no way he'd fit. I think it works.  

The second issue is the jets.  Turns out that since the design is so un-remarkable, they aren't so interesting from different views, especially the final one.  They don't really look like anything from that angle.  That's a pretty good reason to come up with a different design.

Anyway, there you go!

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  1. The drawings ARE pretty darned good! I especially like the last panels on each page. You may (or... may not) be right that the jet design needs a bit of a tweak, but that last angle looks great and, actually, pretty romantic.

    But I think I'm safe in saying that all of your dedicated readers would LOVE to see your cheesy and embarrassing first attempt!

    Illustrated Ghost


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