Sunday 17 October 2021

Dancing with the Stars

Hello Hello!

Funny thing... yesterday I got a comment on my blog... from someone new!!  I was jazzed, I thought, WOW, I'm finally getting an audience... not that you aren't audience enough for me, IG, but still!

But the comment was about using a particular sort of saw to do some special woodworking. 

I kinda think it was a scam.

How does that relate to today's installment?  Well, let's look at the pages first...








Page 76

Page 77


Well... ROMANCE! and by that, I mean SEX.  We've finally gotten to that part in the relationship!  It was hard to put this off so long, which I tried to do to make it a bit more realistic and also, I hope, build the chemistry between the characters.

I had the flight sequence in mind for some time, and knew I wanted to use that "Fly me to the moon" song. I think it all worked out well, and what could be more romantic than flying around an actual sky with a special someone than around a dance floor wearing patent leather shoes?!

And the sudden jump from the flight to them in bed, the song still playing, worked out pretty smoothly.

I really like page 77.  Nice drawings, no nudity (sorry, IG) but suggestive enough, and then the change of scene - he's going out to get groceries.

Oh boy, if you thought we'd changed gears suddenly here, well, hold on to your butt!  The next turn is a doosy!  And did you say "scam"?  What sort of trickery might be afoot?!  Hmmm!


  1. THis is a most excellent display of talents as can only be matched by Sabre Saw 2500. Saw most excellently cut and work for u like none other.

    Illustrated Ghost

  2. Yes! Excellent pages!

    The first panel on page 77 is great -- great angle on our reclining guy. And the way the song takes us to them in bed and "I love you"-- perfect!

    Picky-pickiness? You should lose "do these jets stall?". Why the hell would she ask that in such a romantic moment? It's gotta go. And maybe you should insert a shot of him in there?

    Anyhow, petty pickiness aside, I LOVE the way you executed these pages and I LOVE this moment. It's pretty beautiful. But what's this mention of deception and trickery? Don't you dare break these two kids apart!

    Illustrated Ghost


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